Requiem for the Struggle

I have been having a terrible time getting back into the rhythm of writing this blog since returning from our furlough. Life tends to cycle. It is a breathing organism. It is a struggle to continue to thrive while fighting off the ever-present process of dying that started at birth. Mortality. We have ups and... Continue Reading →

The Barba Tour of the South

It's true folks I'm in the US. This is for a limited time only though. The Barba Tour will end on October 15th. If you want to catch up with me in person, take a look at the Barba on Furlough page. It is a schedule of our confirmed speaking engagements. I will be updating... Continue Reading →

Immortal Dog

Today's post is a podcast. OK, fine. My dog may not be immortal but he is somewhat of a legend in our neighborhood. He was already a figure of notoriety around here. He is a good-sized, muscular dog in a place that tends to be afraid of dogs. He is a good-sized, muscular dog in a... Continue Reading →

Conference in a Carton

From the makers of Cathedral in a Can comes a groundbreaking development in church financial strategy, sure to go viral. Jesus Junk International believes Conference in a Carton is that strategy wrapped in cardboard box. Pastors realize that tithes and offerings are declining. Members, or Giving Units as they're called, want more bang for their... Continue Reading →

Dreamweaver: Living the Dream

Today's post is a podcast. Hold the magic carpet ride this isn't a tribute to 1976. This is a different kind of Dream-weaving. I told you last week about a coincidence that was on purpose. Well, while we were hanging with these cool people today's episode happened. We were walking back to our apartment after... Continue Reading →

Coincidental Purpose

Today's post is a podcast. This episode of the podcast is coming to you from the plush back seat of my Montero. It has become my soundproof recording studio. It is deluxe with a cup holder and a view of the front seat. I mention my wife's book review blog on today's episode so here... Continue Reading →


Today's post is a podcast. This episode of the podcast is coming to you from our new apartment. Actually I was sitting in the car in the parking area to find a good sound proof space to record in. As I finished I heard a boom and saw a flash of light and found no... Continue Reading →

New Birth

Today's post is a podcast. First off I want to announce that in a few days we will kick off The Bridge Week here on the blog. Don't know what that is do ya? Well come on back Monday find out. Today's episode I am asking what you think about New Birth and the modern church. Are... Continue Reading →

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