Newbie Number Tags

Thank you so much, Jesus Junk International. We were having trouble separating the "sheep from the goats," so-to-speak. We installed the turnstiles in the parking lots to get a more accurate count of attendance, but the newbies were sneaking through.We really needed a way to avoid another Twitter-gate. Ya' know, social media halts for no... Continue Reading →

Photo Friday

It's time again for Photo Friday. Today is the latest tour of Paraguay and parts beyond. If you're not sure what Photo Friday is, then click one of these links to take a gander at the rest of this series. For the rest of you die-hard fans living vicariously through the lens on my cell... Continue Reading →

Stuff Missionaries Say…

First up, it's a little weird trying to get into a writing rhythm with all of the craziness of a furlough. Hopefully I will find my jam and keep up with the posting like you're used to. On the furlough note, if you're interested, take a look at our schedule and come out and see... Continue Reading →

Dance of the Calendar

And so it begins... If you couldn't tell by my last post we are Coming to America. However, I am not an African prince nor will I be working at a McDowell's with Arsenio Hall. Arsenio is busy and McDowell's got shut down for serving Kangaroo meat. Not to mention I clipped my royal lock,... Continue Reading →

9 Ways You Can Launch The Bridge

By now I hope you're caught up in the media frenzy of The Bridge launch. If you haven't noticed, our strategy for the fundraising is to cover the entire operation of The Bridge for a year in advance.  We want to be able to minister without the fear of low funding dictating how The Bridge operates.... Continue Reading →

Photo Friday

I'm back with another ten cent tour of Paraguay via my trusty cellphone camera. If you missed a leg of this photographic look see into the beautiful country of Paraguay then click here. That link will take you to the category page for Photo Friday. From there you can peruse all of the entries at... Continue Reading →

Photo Friday

We had an awesome week filled with torrents of rain. I love being stuck in the house dodging chairs hung with wet laundry. However, that didn't deter me from hitting the streets during the dry patches in search of premium snapshots for your viewing pleasure. Welcome to another Photo Friday... This much runs rain all... Continue Reading →

Christian Dictionary: Relevance

I was perusing the interwebs because it is integral to my search for truth. Everyone knows the internet, as a whole, is true. Anyway, I find there are a large number of new-fangled words out there to describe the church and Christianity. It seems we need to make some changes. It's weird, I thought Christianity was fine... Continue Reading →

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