Newbie Number Tags

Thank you so much, Jesus Junk International. We were having trouble separating the "sheep from the goats," so-to-speak. We installed the turnstiles in the parking lots to get a more accurate count of attendance, but the newbies were sneaking through.We really needed a way to avoid another Twitter-gate. Ya' know, social media halts for no... Continue Reading →

Selfie Righteous

After an extended, albeit necessary developmental interlude, Jesus Junk International is back and stronger than ever. A little market research was in order. We wanted our collective finger on the erratic pulse of Christendom to decipher what products were most desired, needed, even necessary. It was a scary enterprise, to be sure, but one we wanted,... Continue Reading →

The Shell Game

Have you ever heard the old saying "The good is the enemy of the great"? Much of what I write is, at least in part, influenced by the concept in this proverb. This is a warning. These words are trying to keep us from settling for satisfactory, mediocre. If we aren't careful, we will be... Continue Reading →

Praise More

Today's post is a podcast. Remember back in the day when TV was over antenna? And the signal was crappy? And the picture was snowy? How do you take the phrase Praise More and make it better? Are you focused on the wrong thing? Subscribe through iTunes here. . . or drop this URL [  ... Continue Reading →

He Provoked Me

As Christians we should be concerned for the lost. We should want to share the reason for our joy. We should point as many folks as we can toward our Savior. I recently watched a video a while back by a big name speaker--a great message. However, in the message this person shared data from... Continue Reading →

Immortal Dog

Today's post is a podcast. OK, fine. My dog may not be immortal but he is somewhat of a legend in our neighborhood. He was already a figure of notoriety around here. He is a good-sized, muscular dog in a place that tends to be afraid of dogs. He is a good-sized, muscular dog in a... Continue Reading →

Dance of the Calendar

And so it begins... If you couldn't tell by my last post we are Coming to America. However, I am not an African prince nor will I be working at a McDowell's with Arsenio Hall. Arsenio is busy and McDowell's got shut down for serving Kangaroo meat. Not to mention I clipped my royal lock,... Continue Reading →

Ramblin’ Man

You guys know I'm a Ramblin' Man. Heck, it's in the name of this blog. You also know it has been three years since we did a U.S. tour, or furlough as it's known in the mission world. That's a long time. Have you ever heard the phrase "out of sight, out of mind"? Yeah. That's... Continue Reading →

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