Back In Action

"Where'd you go," you ask? I went to the land of the eternal WIFI. The home of the blazing fast connection, even on your net-connected cell phone. "Then why haven't you written anything in nearly two months, Barba?" you ask again. Are you sure you're ready for this? We experienced what some in the biz... Continue Reading →

Photo Friday

It's been a couple of weeks since the last Photo Friday so it's time to gear up for the next installment of the tour. We have moved recently and I hope this will open up a new area of the city to my cell cam. Sorry, we do not validate parking. We will, however, direct... Continue Reading →

Photo Friday

It's time for another Photo Friday. This one is slightly abbreviated and partially plagiarized. I would like to thank my wife for dropping some of these great shots on me. I have been sick this week and I couldn't fill the quota.     I hope you enjoyed this week's installment. Save your ticket stub for... Continue Reading →

Holy Spirit Attraction

With the popularity of a certain duck-hunting family dynasty skyrocketing on TV, Jesus Junk International realized there is a huge segment of our demographic we are not serving. We know the Christian sportsman out there is hunting for ways to bag himself a trophy "God experience". Look no further. Jesus Junk has developed an entire Holy... Continue Reading →

Meme Book

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. I miss the good ole days. You remember the good ole days, right? Back when the smoke monster was still rampaging the island. Back when Myspace still mattered, a little. Back when a status update was a phrase or two about your day or your life or even a bit... Continue Reading →

Photo Friday

I thought I would try something new today and toss out a few photos for you to enjoy. Since Friday and photo both have the "F" sound at the beginning, I have alliteration on my side. And, since South America is not politically correct nor am I, the photos are on my side. So without... Continue Reading →

Sensitive Thug Esteem-Caption this…

What do absentee thug fathers give their kids to keep them from having low self esteem? That's right!! This finely crafted chinese-made You are worth having mock assault weapon. Can you scream "I'm leavin' a legacy?" Nothing builds confidence in a child like having his own sawed-off bang stick. His swagger will exponentially grow when he... Continue Reading →

Bulls Eye

Yes, this IS a urinal strainer made to look like a target.I am not ashamed to admit that I scored at least 75 on all of my attempts. This is the latest in a line of bathroom games from PEE S 2. I'm just kidding about that, but I did like how the attendant coupled... Continue Reading →

1,095th Anniversary

That's days. I like calling it that because it sounds like sooooo long. Actually, to you out there, that’s three years. Three years ago today we landed in Paraguay to start what we thought was a Christian mission. It turns out it was training strategy God wanted to do with us. God has been so... Continue Reading →

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