We met Domingo the first time we crawled through the hole in the barbed wire fence. We wanted to meet some of the people we saw shuffling down that dusty foot path behind our house day after day. We had only lived in Paraguay for a few months, so we grabbed a local friend who... Continue Reading →

Requiem for the Struggle

I have been having a terrible time getting back into the rhythm of writing this blog since returning from our furlough. Life tends to cycle. It is a breathing organism. It is a struggle to continue to thrive while fighting off the ever-present process of dying that started at birth. Mortality. We have ups and... Continue Reading →

Dance of the Calendar

And so it begins... If you couldn't tell by my last post we are Coming to America. However, I am not an African prince nor will I be working at a McDowell's with Arsenio Hall. Arsenio is busy and McDowell's got shut down for serving Kangaroo meat. Not to mention I clipped my royal lock,... Continue Reading →

Ramblin’ Man

You guys know I'm a Ramblin' Man. Heck, it's in the name of this blog. You also know it has been three years since we did a U.S. tour, or furlough as it's known in the mission world. That's a long time. Have you ever heard the phrase "out of sight, out of mind"? Yeah. That's... Continue Reading →

Coincidental Purpose

Today's post is a podcast. This episode of the podcast is coming to you from the plush back seat of my Montero. It has become my soundproof recording studio. It is deluxe with a cup holder and a view of the front seat. I mention my wife's book review blog on today's episode so here... Continue Reading →


Today's post is a podcast. This episode of the podcast is coming to you from our new apartment. Actually I was sitting in the car in the parking area to find a good sound proof space to record in. As I finished I heard a boom and saw a flash of light and found no... Continue Reading →


A couple of weeks ago I told you a story on the podcast that happened while we were building our house. Today's post happened during that same time. In fact, it happened right before that other story. My wife and I were thrifty. Still are. That's a cool way of saying we were cheap and... Continue Reading →

I Gotcha

Today's post is a podcast. On today's episode we ride the time machine back to a much simpler time. Ok, that's not true. We're going back to 2002. I am sharing a story about a man. He was rich in ingenuity but poor in coins. This happened during the time we were building our house.... Continue Reading →

You Asked For It Again: Podcast

Today's post is a podcast. You may remember the You Asked For It series I ran a few weeks ago. In it, I answered reader questions that were sent in. Today is an extension of that series in audio format. Today Kris Overtoom asks: What was the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome, aside from the food... Continue Reading →

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