Irony is a Bus

I never suspected what a significant role buses would play in my life.   What's wrong with me, right!? I'm sure all of you have sat around dreaming of days to come and their magic and thought, "I need to be around passenger buses more often. They're gonna shape huge outcomes in my life." I can... Continue Reading →

Have I Got A Deal for You

*Advisement-I am whining excessively today.* What if I told you that you could buy a nice-looking Mission Mobile with air conditioning and four-wheel drive? What if I said that vehicle had third-row seating and nearly new tires? What if it had a power plant that used the cheaper diesel fuel? You want it, don’t you?... Continue Reading →

Back That Thang Up

I recently found the gem in this picture, in the sale bin at a local store. It's an accessory to make that horrific little beep when you back up your car.  I despise these, but that's not enough to make the Rambling with the Barba blog. Take a look at the marketing genius on the... Continue Reading →


We were on our way to a therapy appointment just like any other day since Christie’s accident. Every morning, up early to eat and get the kids rolling. Then it’s out the door to drive the 1 hr or so trip to the hospital for a 2-hour therapy session. The traffic here is nuts on... Continue Reading →

Oops, I Did it Again

Sorry to all you closet teeny boppers out there, this is not a reference to the top 40 pop music hack from Disney’s skank factory. Nope, it’s about a lady I know. I’ll call her Mrs. Spears (not her real name) in honor of the title and opening. Mrs. Spears tended to be a little... Continue Reading →

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