Photo Friday

Better late than never, Photo Friday is here again. Wacky weather and a crazy schedule will NOT impede our march to the ultimate goal of touring Paraguay through the lens of a cellphone camera. As always keep your keasters firmly planted in the tram at all times. I don't want another incident. Lefty, that's what... Continue Reading →

Photo Friday

All aboard! The Photo Friday express is about to leave the station. I have been hard at work gathering photos and constructing captions. I hope this week's offerings will satisfy your need to see more of Paraguay from the perspective of my cellphone camera. As always, if you have missed any part of the tour,... Continue Reading →

Selfie Righteous

After an extended, albeit necessary developmental interlude, Jesus Junk International is back and stronger than ever. A little market research was in order. We wanted our collective finger on the erratic pulse of Christendom to decipher what products were most desired, needed, even necessary. It was a scary enterprise, to be sure, but one we wanted,... Continue Reading →

Dine-in Sanctuary

Remember those by-gone days when a refreshing malt was only the push of a button away? When a wheeled waitress would roll her way out to bring your tasty treat right to your seat, or even better, to your convertible? Remember rolling into a movie theater and never having to leave your car? Just grab... Continue Reading →

Photo Friday: Furlough Edition

Lest you fear that there would be no recap of the North American Tour de Barba I bring you Photo Friday, the furlough edition. All the photos today were taken while I was on furlough in South Carolina. We will resume our regular tour of Paraguay once I reload the memory card with suitable ridiculousness.... Continue Reading →

The Roulette Sanctuary

As a pastor, it is very frustrating, shares Pastor Boreman. People come early to get the good seats. By that I mean the ones in the back, near the door. We usually lose twenty-five percent of the congregation by the end of Sunday School and the rest begin to trickle out during the sermon. Heck,... Continue Reading →

Conference in a Carton

From the makers of Cathedral in a Can comes a groundbreaking development in church financial strategy, sure to go viral. Jesus Junk International believes Conference in a Carton is that strategy wrapped in cardboard box. Pastors realize that tithes and offerings are declining. Members, or Giving Units as they're called, want more bang for their... Continue Reading →

Photo Friday

It's been wacky around here for the last few days. Did you hear? Yeah, that's right we're going back to the United States for a visit. If you want to hear all about this weird mission life we live send me an email. We are making the schedule right now and you need to get... Continue Reading →

Christian-Easy Language Acquisition Unit

Has this ever happened to you? You wake on Sunday morning, head pounding from a night of riotous living, fully aware of an ever-increasing hole in your soul. You think, “I’m going to church to look for meaning in my life.” You drag out your weddings-&-funerals suit and unclip the candy cane pin from the... Continue Reading →

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