It just didn’t make sense to have a blog named

Rambling with the Barba

when you can’t really hear me rambling.

So I decided to start podcasting.

Now, rather than just read my run-on sentences, you can hear them as well, in crystal clear digital audio. No longer are you a slave to your mind trying to imagine my overuse of alliteration. You can just rewind and hear it all over again.

Here’s the skinny on how this works.

These audible nuggets of wisdom are kept at 15 minutes or less. I know that’s not long but I’m scared for you. If I post a classic Lex Luther-style monologue (like when he has Superman bound in Kryptonite undies), some of you may lose your job because of your Barba addiction. Once Barb-anon gets its feet planted I may risk a longer show, but not without the support group.

We’re covering a variety of topics. If you have some suggestions for topic material, drop me a line at missionken@gmail.com. If you have comments about a specific episode, drop them below that blog post containing the show notes.

If you already subscribe to the blog you’re set. The podcasts will come in the form of a post. To subscribe separately to the podcast feed  just:

   Subscribe through iTunes                                                                                             RSS for Podcast only

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 Disclaimer: Any resemblance to something professional is purely coincidental. No platypuses were harmed in the making of this podcast.

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