Photo Friday

Today is a Photo Friday lite. There is one less pic this week. Sorry for that. My head has been in other places. The recording studio where I do the podcasts is in the shop. Yeah, that's right. I use the plush back seat of my 19-year-old Mission Mobile as my audio crib. The motor... Continue Reading →

Stuff Missionaries Say…

The longer I live here in Paraguay, the more I realize what kind of stuff comes out of my mouth. Stuff I thought I would never hear myself say. Crazy stuff. Wacky stuff. It's Stuff Missionaries Say... These are things that have actually been said. Some are borrowed from other missionaries. Some are mine. I... Continue Reading →

Photo Friday

It's time again for Photo Friday. Today is the latest tour of Paraguay and parts beyond. If you're not sure what Photo Friday is, then click one of these links to take a gander at the rest of this series. For the rest of you die-hard fans living vicariously through the lens on my cell... Continue Reading →

Dine-in Sanctuary

Remember those by-gone days when a refreshing malt was only the push of a button away? When a wheeled waitress would roll her way out to bring your tasty treat right to your seat, or even better, to your convertible? Remember rolling into a movie theater and never having to leave your car? Just grab... Continue Reading →

Photo Friday: Furlough Edition

Lest you fear that there would be no recap of the North American Tour de Barba I bring you Photo Friday, the furlough edition. All the photos today were taken while I was on furlough in South Carolina. We will resume our regular tour of Paraguay once I reload the memory card with suitable ridiculousness.... Continue Reading →

Praise More

Today's post is a podcast. Remember back in the day when TV was over antenna? And the signal was crappy? And the picture was snowy? How do you take the phrase Praise More and make it better? Are you focused on the wrong thing? Subscribe through¬†iTunes here. . . or drop this URL [ ¬†... Continue Reading →

He Provoked Me

As Christians we should be concerned for the lost. We should want to share the reason for our joy. We should point as many folks as we can toward our Savior. I recently watched a video a while back by a big name speaker--a great message. However, in the message this person shared data from... Continue Reading →

Is Good Really Good?

Today's post is a podcast. And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 On December 14th, 2010 a man Jorge stabbed me in the chest. Give a listen to find out how this is good. What... Continue Reading →

The Roulette Sanctuary

As a pastor, it is very frustrating, shares Pastor Boreman. People come early to get the good seats. By that I mean the ones in the back, near the door. We usually lose twenty-five percent of the congregation by the end of Sunday School and the rest begin to trickle out during the sermon. Heck,... Continue Reading →

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