Photo Friday

It's back!! Photo Friday has made its return after a several months respite. I have been feverishly fielding questions from all you addicts about the whereabouts of Photo Friday and the blog in general. Be at peace my brothers and sisters. I have a great line up in the cell-cam tour of Paraguay to settle... Continue Reading →

Here We Go Again

  So, uh, it's been, uh, a while since we met like this. I mean as reader and blogger. Ya' know, I never meant to be gone this long. I wanted to take a break from the writing. I wanted to re-wrinkle my gray matter; smart brains are more wrinkly and mine was getting a... Continue Reading →

Photo Friday

Woot!! Woot!! It's Friday again and time for some more Photo Friday fun. Here's the deal if you're new. I take my cell cam with everywhere I go. I snap pics of weird stuff. Then I write witty banter in the captions. It's just that simple. There you have a tour of Paraguay without ever... Continue Reading →

Photo Friday

It's Friday and you know what that means. PHOTO FRIDAY!!! Yeah baby. That's when I take a few of my cell phone snapshots, churn out some witty banter for the captions and then share them with you as an impromptu tour of Paraguay Barba style. If you have missed some of stops on this tour... Continue Reading →

Prove It!!

  Today's post is a podcast. Today I'm talking about the end of Matthew chapter 3 and the beginning of chapter 4. Take a look. 3:17 And a voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” 4:3 The tempter came to him and said, “If you are the Son of... Continue Reading →

The Shell Game

Have you ever heard the old saying "The good is the enemy of the great"? Much of what I write is, at least in part, influenced by the concept in this proverb. This is a warning. These words are trying to keep us from settling for satisfactory, mediocre. If we aren't careful, we will be... Continue Reading →

Photo Friday

It's back, y'all. I've been buzzing around town and picking up some good stuff for this week's cellcam tour. So, form a single-file line and have your tickets ready to be stamped before entering the tram. If you bought a season pass, you can enter the tour at any point along the way by clicking... Continue Reading →

Requiem for the Struggle

I have been having a terrible time getting back into the rhythm of writing this blog since returning from our furlough. Life tends to cycle. It is a breathing organism. It is a struggle to continue to thrive while fighting off the ever-present process of dying that started at birth. Mortality. We have ups and... Continue Reading →

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