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If you would like to read some more of my posts take a look at these. I have had the tremendous opportunity of guest posting at some great sites. Click on over and tell them I said “Hey.”

Down but Not Out-Hagermans on a Mission

A Day Late and a Dollar Short-The Jungle Hut and Passion for Paraguay

Let’s Make a Deal-The Lazy Christian

Man vs Wild-Rick Littreal’s Blog

Being a Missionary Sometimes Involves Tomb Building-Confessions of a Funeral Director

Busted Trust-Provoketive Magazine

Are You Sure?-Provoketive Magazine

You Wouldn’t Know the Difference-Faith Village

Bus Magnet-Tamara Out Loud

Beard of the Month-The Bearded Idealist- I won the very first Beard of the Month honor.

The Missionary Deposition Volume one-An interview with Chad Gibbs.

Are You an Amoral or a Moral Christian?-Modern Reject

I was Purchased-The Handwritten

The Amen Synonym-Stuff Christians Like

What Did You Call Me?-The Daily ReTORt

Disposable Car-Ricky

An Unexpected eMail of Encouragement-The Daily ReTORt

Thanks for checking out my writing elsewhere. If you like something you read at one of these sites leave a comment, bloggers love comments.

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