Holy Spirit Attraction

With the popularity of a certain duck-hunting family dynasty skyrocketing on TV, Jesus Junk International realized there is a huge segment of our demographic we are not serving. We know the Christian sportsman out there is hunting for ways to bag himself a trophy "God experience". Look no further. Jesus Junk has developed an entire Holy... Continue Reading →

Profile Booster

In today's digital age, no one is safe from scrutiny. Chances are that an interviewer at your prospective employer will have already tiptoed through your social media presence by the time you walk in. They may plug your name into the Google and see what pops up. They'll likely hit up a search on the Facebook to sift through... Continue Reading →

Jabez Quit Claim Deed Kit

Thanks to God and Jesus Junk International, we outgrew our Strip-Mall sanctuary. We were growing weary of the smell from the Asian market on the corner and the constant flooding from the laundromat next door. Our offerings would only cover rent, utilities and brand-name coffee. The real change came with sacrifice. By shifting to instant coffee... Continue Reading →

Eutychus Sermon Alarm

I know you are used to seeing the Photo Friday post here today. I have decided to put the Photo Friday post on a periodic rotation. It will be back on maybe a monthly basis. If you would like to see more of it drop me an email and let me know.      ... Continue Reading →

Save-My-Seat Inflatable Jesus

Have you ever greeted your way into the sanctuary, your internal GPS on autopilot? As you beeline to left side, fifth row, outside edge, you find some poor lost soul with his keaster firmly planted in your seat. Clearly he's a visitor or he would know this has been your nesting spot since before Falco... Continue Reading →

The Apostle’s Power Reverb

Testimonial: “Momma always said my voice was like a Screech Owl hung in a screen door, so it’s no wonder that it was difficult to keep people in the seats here at First Strip-Mall Rental Sanctuary of the Redeemer. With Pastor Biggs from THE First Mega Apostles Assembly of the Friendly Seekers Super Cell Group... Continue Reading →

Holy-Culture Landscaping

How many times have you struggled with something in your Christian walk and needed just a little break from the onslaught? How many times were you peering through the lens of the future and wanted some type of Holy-Spirit-inspired protection? Jesus Junk International knows you need a safe house. We’ve enlisted horticulture/gardening guru and consultant... Continue Reading →

The Prayer Time Hand Laser

Have you ever been in a church service when the moderator asks if there are any prayer requests? Hands go up on every side; people want your help taking their needs before God. If your church is like mine it has grown too large to accommodate the “anointing and laying on of hands” by everyone... Continue Reading →

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