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I guess if you clicked here, you either made a mistake or you want to know more about the Barba. If it was an accident then hit the little back arrow and forget you ever came here. Otherwise, here we go……….

Barba is not my real name. I know it’s a shock, but the word barba is Spanish for beard. My family and I were missionaries in Paraguay, South America where they speak Spanish and I have a pretty long goatee. (BTW, for what ever reason, the word barba is feminine in Spanish)

Before we moved there, my wife and I were youth pastors for 6 years and youth volunteers for many years before that. During those years we also directed a summer youth camp for 12-14 year-olds.

I have two fabulous, follower-of-Jesus daughters. They were really good at the different culture thing, for young teens.  They have became our go-to translators when we had visitors. I am honored to watch how God is developing them and using them.

I have been the husband of a truly extrordinary woman since 1992, and she astounds me everyday. She was the first one intoxicated with the mission life. However, she wisely let me find my own way and didn’t “persuade” me. I am stunned just to watch her passion as she works a room full of people. She engages them and loves on them and pours Christ all over them.

As for me…….I first committed my life to Christ when I was a kid. Then again when I was a young teen. Then again in my teen years and again and again and again. When I was 17 it seemed to stick. I was “saved” as the vernacular goes, but I didn’t begin to follow until many years later. Since that time it has been a process of yielding to Him daily.

If it’s your first time to Rambling with the Barba you may be trying to figure it out. I operate in my spiritual gifting—satire (the Christian version of sarcasm)—by blogging about the inconsistencies between what God’s calling me to be and what I am. I blog it so we can all figure it out together. I almost never jump on the Hot Topic of the day. With 100’s of millions of blogs out there and many scrambling to post about the issue Du Jour, I figure my opinion has been covered somewhere so why not give everyone an escape from the monotony. Here are some post to give you an idea of what you’re getting into:

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If you are interested my wife writes the blog for our family over at Hagermans on a Mission.

Contact me at missionken@gmail.com



2 thoughts on “About the Barba

  1. So, if you have a beard and your a dad, does that make you a Barbapapa? (Please tell me you know what that is . . . )


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