Photo Friday


Better late than never, Photo Friday is here again. Wacky weather and a crazy schedule will NOT impede our march to the ultimate goal of touring Paraguay through the lens of a cellphone camera. As always keep your keasters firmly planted in the tram at all times. I don’t want another incident. Lefty, that’s what I call him now, is doing fine and will be released soon.

Sit back and relax and enjoy the show. Don’t forget if you missed any of the past tours or you just want to go back and reminisce, hit the links to the Photo Friday category.


I think Zeus would be much more successful if he took fashion a little more seriously. Announcing on your sign out front that you are “Informally at Fashion” tells everyone to look elsewhere for their serious fashion needs. Then again he could have been a fashion magnate at one time and now wishes to take a break from the high pressure environment of the fashion world.


First up, let me tell you that polenta is yellow corn grits. Grits is a Southern thing. They are more often a breakfast food. Generally speaking, Southerners do not use grits for emotional communication. However, these grits are made for just that. From the bottom: grits to forgive (pardon), grits to tell the truth, grits for a new stage in life and finally the best one–grits to say I love you.

So, if you need to tell someone something very important today, go find yourself a bag of grits.


Tis the season to crank up the old A/C units here in Paraguay. It has been very hot already this Spring/Summer. One thing about air conditioning that is always tricky to deal with is the condensation drain. You have got to get all that water out of the house. How handy it is that this person decided to drain theirs right over the electrical service connection. Now when they are checking their meter or breakers they can keep an eye on that pesky water drain, too. Just straddle the puddle underneath while touching the box.


What if I only want one? The obvious lack of punctuation leads me to believe that this shop is not in fact owned by the flowers inside. That would be slightly Little Shop of Horrors, wouldn’t it? Since Flowers isn’t a last name here in Paraguay then the only thing this could mean is that you can’t buy just one flower. There goes my romantic mojo…

Which bag of grits would you most likely use? Why?

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