Photo Friday


IT. IS. Photo Fridaaaaaaaaaaaaay! That’s right, boys and girls. For more than 40 Fridays I have been loading up the virtual van and toting you guys around Paraguay via my cellphone camera, and today is no different.

Single-file line please. Grab a bag lunch off the make-believe table as you pass it and ALL ABOARD!!!! Don’t forget to hit the links and check all of the past installments of Photo Friday.


So, we live in a city. I know the convenience of a small car in a city environment. Better gas mileage, no spending money on a taxi, quicker commutes all over town and, oh yeah, easier parking. Really? This micro machine had one car length behind it and two(2) in front of it. Yet it is still nearly sideways and four feet from the curb. Maybe the driver ran over a crack in time and the car froze in mid-park. I do know that if you’re going to drive a car this size and you can’t park it just get out and drag into the space. It can’t weigh that much.

You can dodge that age old question of which came first by buying one of these combo birds. Pre-laid eggs anyone? That’s right. These little chickies have been cleaned and prepared for your roaster including the unlaid eggs found inside each bird. Why agonize over the conundrum? Just eat both at one sitting. MMMMMMMM




How can I display those new dolls to get more attention from the passing children? I know–I’ll hang them mass-lynching style. These gems are from the Capital Punishment Barbie collection. I love how they look so post-lifelike. At least they have a giant smile on their faces to calm the onlooker.






Have I mentioned we have a zoo here in our town? It only costs fifty cents to get in. The animals are well cared for and the enclosures give you that I’m-in-here-with-you feeling. It usually houses animals indigenous to Paraguay. Recently we stopped by when family members visited and found this tiger. Paraguay is not home to tigers naturally.

Normally I put my camera inside to avoid those ugly fences from getting in my shot but since this guy was chowing on a raw cow head I thought it best to keep my mitts outside this time.


As I mentioned we had visitors. Some of our family came to stay a few days with us. Do you know the worst thing about having visitors come? They go home. This is a shot from the front of the double-decker bus that took them back to Asuncion and the airport. Thanks for coming…



There ya’ go. Another Photo Friday is in the books. I hope you enjoyed the pics from this week’s tour. Have a great weekend.

Which one is your favorite? Why?

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