Photo Friday


YAY!! It’s Friday, uh, I mean Photo Friday. First, let me apologize to all of you who expect Photo Friday in your reader or email to savor with your morning cup of coffee. We have visitors (my in-laws) and it has been a little complicated.

Our car is in the shop again (2+ months so far). We have not installed the air conditioners yet in the new apartment (last week it was rainy and cool) and one of the fans locked up so I had to tear it apart and fix it. All of that came between me and getting you the premier cellphone camera tour of Paraguay. I will try my best to get back to the early schedule next week so your java isn’t lonely.

Now to the good stuff. If you’re following along on the map grab your china markers and get comfy.


If Gandalf the Grey, of Lord of The Rings fame, were part Hobbit and part Paraguayan he would be known as Señor Gandalf and this would be him. I see this guy walking all over town. He loves to flirt with the young women he passes.






I saw this tree the other day and it spoke to me. Not literally. I realize I was just talking about Gandalf/LOTR and all but this was more of lesson type speaking to me. Sometimes I go to extreme measures to avoid something when it may have been easier just to pass straight through it instead. I don’t know what caused this tree to go around the long way but it must have seemed tough at the time.



I have been wanting to show you a homemade license plate. It is totally ok if you want to make your own, more stylish tag for your car as long as certain items are included. Of course the number must be correct, it has to have the word Paraguay and the flag icon. This driver wanted to maximize his Fast and Furious-ness with his customized tag.





Tests have revealed that playing audio for babies makes them smarter. If you really want to help your baby develop quicker run out and pick up a copy of this Baby Love Madonna disc. Imagine all of Madonna’s hits pumping into the soft grey matter of your wee one. It is sure to help your junior or juniette unlock their inner adult well in advance of their peers.




I just don’t feel pretty ever day or every day for that matter. That is a high expectation for any young girl. I think the phrase “beautiful little face” is a slightly overstated. Her face looks pretty giant for such a small head. Luckily Pretty Ever Day is a Happy Girl.





There you go. Another installment of Photo Friday is in the books. Don’t forget that you can see any missed tours or revisit old favorites anytime by clicking the Photo Friday link in the menu.

Which one is your favorite? Why?

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