Photo Friday


All aboard! The Photo Friday express is about to leave the station. I have been hard at work gathering photos and constructing captions. I hope this week’s offerings will satisfy your need to see more of Paraguay from the perspective of my cellphone camera. As always, if you have missed any part of the tour, jump to the bottom of this post to see more Photo Friday posts or click the link in the menu bar.


With gas in the $7+ range here, we look for ways to be economical. Enter the micro-mobile. I want this tiny little “car.” You could park this bad boy just about anywhere and it has a CD player with a USB port on it. It does not have air conditioning but it will seat 4-ish people. It is tragically low on storage space, save the glove compartment. However, I suspect that you would not be looking to move a bunch of furniture with this thing unless you’re Mr. Bean. Send in the clowns.


This guard shack is slightly larger than the car in the last photo. I love this company. It’s called Security, Intelligence, Technology. They are trying to make you think they are state-of-the-art in security. In the end the guards from SIT do just that, they sit inside this stylized deluxe outhouse (with tinted windows).





If you’re going to SIT in a guard shack all day, you’d better have on a comfortable pair of skivvies. Don’t be fooled–these underpants did not belong to Jack Black. The brand on these keaster-covers is Black Jack, but I do love how the waistband can get twisted in production. As long as they don’t get twisted when you wear them, it’s all good.





Ok, that sedentary lifestyle of just sitting around in your Jack Blacks is going to kill you. Unless…you drink a liberal dose of Live Forever Yerba Mate from Indega. I can’t vouch for this product’s ability to add years to your life, but it tastes good.






With all that extra time you have kickin’ it in the stylized outhouse, you need something to do. Why not pull out the cue and rack ’em up. Everybody loves a game of po–, uh, Table Tennis? This is a great time killer. You could spend hours just trying to figure out the rules.





That completes this installment of the tour. Don’t forget to have your ticket stamped for a chance at a free subscription to Photo Friday. Have a great weekend.

What was your favorite photo? Why?

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  1. I loved the “table tennis” the most. I found some boxes of yerba in a big box grocery store “organic” aisle. Do you steep it like tea?


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