Photo Friday


It’s back!!

Photo Friday has made its return after a several months respite. I have been feverishly fielding questions from all you addicts about the whereabouts of Photo Friday and the blog in general. Be at peace my brothers and sisters. I have a great line up in the cell-cam tour of Paraguay to settle those shaking hands. Just sit back, relax and feast your eyes on the following photo bonanza. 


This bad boy isn’t from a VW/Pepsi fan. This is an official Pepsi work truck. The cargo area of this breadbox is full of anti-Coke propaganda posters and
bottled deliciousness. You can get your Pepsi in sizes ranging from the 8 ounce bottle or can all the way up to a giant 3.5 liter monster bottle. I have seen ads for a 4 liter but I haven’t seen the actual bottle yet.




This post is taking a decidedly junk food flavor. Guess who moved into town a few months back? Yep, Mickey D’s. Ronald is trying to gut punch the King
for top import food in our fair city. They mean business, too. They closed their makeshift lean-to at the end of Summer in favor of building an all out, top-of-the-line store complete with roof terrace and maniacal play place. Maniacal…..




Despite Ron’s foolhardy attempt to usurp Paraguayan burger power from the King, BK made a bold move and opened what would be termed a really, really nice shack on the riverfront. It is actually built on a boardwalk. They illuminated this stand with a
giant, back-lit Whopper of which I could not resist a little digital slight-of-hand tomfoolery.





Okay, maybe it’s not fast food but this refrigerated keg cart is something to behold. This guy just walks around all day in the touristy areas pushing this tap on wheels and filling plastic cups with a chilled frothy brew. And you thought draft only came in bars and restaurants.






Since this post is about food I decided to add these gems. Honestly, I like Slim Jim Beef Sticks. I like Pixie sticks. I like Potato sticks. However, I can’t say these sound appetizing. If anything they are disturbing. Who in their right mind would market Baby Stix? What would they taste like? Probably a mix of dirty diaper, powder and rotten milk. I don’t want to eat that.



That does it for this version of Photo Friday. If you’re new to the series please take time to hope on the time machine and scroll back  to some of the previous pit stops. You can do what in the biz is known as the self-guided pictorial tour of Paraguay. I’m warming up the cell-cam and I’ll see you soon. Have a great weekend.


Which one is your favorite? Why?


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