Here We Go Again



So, uh, it’s been, uh, a while since we met like this. I mean as reader and blogger. Ya’ know, I never meant to be gone this long. I wanted to take a break from the writing. I wanted to re-wrinkle my gray matter; smart brains are more wrinkly and mine was getting a little, ahem, smooth. I needed a pause, a timeout.

I had hoped that one day I would be successful enough to take a sabbatical. That’s what CEOs and Fortune 500 types call it. It turns out what I got was a hiatus. A hiatus is the ugly step-cousin of the sabbatical. It is, however, further up the family tree of respectability than going on the lam, but hiatus is no sabbatical. As chance would have it, the end of my silence comes nine months after its inception.

Coincidence? I think not.

During this absence something was birthed. What once was based in a concept, a vision is now a tangible reality. I remind you of The Bridge. You remember The Bridge, right? I spent a week back in June of 2013 pelting you with all things The Bridge. That was what we in the biz call “vision casting.” If you’re little fuzzy on what I’m talking about, click the link and refresh a little.

We wanted to share the idea and invite you to jump on board with us to make it a reality. Right after that bombardment we spent some time in the U.S. on furlough. After returning to Paraguay, I just couldn’t seem to get my rambling mojo back. Oh, sure, I still rambled, but it was decidedly less coherent than my usual rambling. A break was in order.

There was plenty to do in the skin world that was being left undone while I skipped around in the cyber world. If we were going to make this youth center/coffee house a reality, we needed a location.  We hit the streets walking, looking for the perfect location for The Bridge. We found that place. Take a look at the video for the preliminary tour.

[jwplayer mediaid=”4539″]

Pretty cool, right? Now we had a location but that place looked a little sketch. It needed some paint and furniture and cool-looking art. We needed to make it a haven for the youth of our city. So we spent countless hours working, painting, building and brainstorming to make this empty canvas rise to the level of what we had envisioned. 

A few weeks later we were closing in on that vision.

[jwplayer mediaid=”4541″]

With the locale buffed up and spit shined (just a figure of speech–I did not spit on anything), we were ready to open. Finally, on July 4, 2014, we opened the doors to The Bridge–a coffee house, a meeting place and so much more. Below is how part of the night looked.

[jwplayer mediaid=”4542″]

I want to thank you for your understanding and prayers. The Bridge has been open for less than three months and has already made an impact on the youth culture here. One young lady(16) recently shared that she is usually not permitted to go to regular church service but that she has permission to come to The Bridge any time she cares. This allows her a chance to have community with other Christian youth. Others are beginning to ask, “What’s the deal with God?”

Keep The Bridge in your prayers. This is a very new concept here and we are learning to apply it to this culture.

I gave the blog a face lift, whaddya think? Do you have any questions about The Bridge?

Did you think I was abducted by aliens for invasive beard experimentation?

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