Jesus Can’t Save Your Life

I didn’t realize that I had brain damage. I just stumbled onto the fact while trying to follow Jesus. It turns out I keep believing that my physical being is what matters. I can’t seem to get a grip on the idea that this body is a costume, a tool. The real me, the one that can make a difference, is wearing this bag of flesh.

I forget that we are three-part beings. Each of us is a spirit. We have a body and a mind. Two of these are more ethereal, which makes us think they carry less importance than the other. That is a mistake. The spirit and mind are no less significant than the body. However, the body is tangible, touchable. It seems more real.

The mind interfaces with both the spirit and the body. I stick to the physical perspective. That’s not always bad. I feel the pain of a burn, so I use my mind to determine if the stove is on before touching it. I should include my spirit side in the use of these same sets of mental deductions and realize that some of the actions of my body are damaging to my spirit. Then I should stop them. But I don’t.

I think the idea that time is limited to my flesh causes me to prefer my body over my spirit. Time is fundamental to beings with a physical element. We are born with time running out, dying. This is an artificial incentive to pay more attention to the body.

This meat suit has an expiration date. While my spirit may live forever, this earthgear will not. There will come a day when I can no longer be effective in the physical realm because I will be dead. I know, I know–Zombie Apocalypse and all that. Despite the undead, the prospect of that day begs the question, “What did you do with your time here on earth?”

Did you waste your life or spend it?

Either way you can’t save it. You can’t keep it from expiring. Nothing you do can make it last forever. Even Jesus can’t save your life. He may save your soul but your life is expendable. You have a small window of opportunity to make an impact on earth.

Are you wasting it or spending it?

2 thoughts on “Jesus Can’t Save Your Life

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  1. That brain damage comment made me think of Bill Cosby. This post makes me think of John Piper. I’ve wasted too much of this life.


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