Dine-in Sanctuary

callbutton2Remember those by-gone days when a refreshing malt was only the push of a button away? When a wheeled waitress would roll her way out to bring your tasty treat right to your seat, or even better, to your convertible?

Remember rolling into a movie theater and never having to leave your car? Just grab a speaker, hang it on your door and enjoy your film from the comfort of your own ride.

Could entertainment be any more convenient?

At Jesus Junk International, we are committed to bringing you the most convenient church experience possible. We know that Dine-in service is the next big thing in member care, so we’ve set out to create the finest in-sanctuary dining solution available.

What we’ve come up with is a turn-key food service option that can be retrofitted to your existing campus. Jesus Junk International will construct, install and staff your church’s own franchise of Solomon’s Portico.

Just like the famed colonnade meeting place of temple times, your ecclesiastical eatery will be the place to worship. Table seating–the Golden Elder section–is limited, so we suggest using attendance and donations as a criteria in the reservation process. Once you arrive at your Golden Elder table, ordering is as easy as pressing the red call button. One of our friendly servers will rush right out to take your order. Have a prayer request while you wait for your prime rib? No problem. Hit the button and have your server take you request straight to the pastor.

For those unable to secure a table in the premium reserved section, you’ll notice our colorful concession vendors walking the aisles. We borrowed this concept from the stadiums of America’s favorite game. Grab yourself some peanuts or Cracker Jacks and prepare for that 7th inning stretch known as the altar call.

The Solomon’s Portico branded cafe operating in your sanctuary is sure to be a hit. No more frantic exit stampedes of folks trying to secure their spot at the Golden Trough. No more sermon hatchet jobs cutting out the good stuff because Children’s Church ran long with their presentation. No more risk of the Sunday Lunch Sniper taking you out.

Solomon’s Portico dine-in sanctuary guarantees higher revenue for your church by encouraging tithing and donations to vie for the best tables. Not to mention the income generated from our succulent gourmet dishes. Jesus Junk International reserves a modest percentage of the income as our commission. The rest can be shuffled to the building fund.

Solomon’s Portico: Where Would Jesus Eat?



What entrees should be served at Solomon’s Portico? Would you like an in-sanctuary cafe?

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