He Provoked Me

provokedAs Christians we should be concerned for the lost. We should want to share the reason for our joy. We should point as many folks as we can toward our Savior.

I recently watched a video a while back by a big name speaker–a great message. However, in the message this person shared data from a poll.

91% of Christians die without leading another person to Christ.


No matter how great I thought the video was, that information haunted me. If I claim Christ is who He says He is, then why don’t I share Him more often? Not like dropping Jesus bombs all over people in a haphazard door-to-door witnessing frenzy, but in the midst of sharing our lives together. In the natural context of a relationship. Don’t get me wrong–if we are a part of that 91% then even Jesus-bombing is better than nothing.

I was watching another video recently online. This wasn’t a big name orator that you can ooh and ahh over. It was someone I met on furlough, just a guy. But this guy said something that was telling.

When was the last time your spirit man was provoked by God for the lost?


I think this may be why the poll from that first video exists. We give lip service as concern for the lost. It is tough business to mix in and share counter-cultural beliefs with an unbelieving person. However, if we were bothered by their impending doom and their lack of freedom in Christ, then we would brave that tough work.

I am interested in the choice of the word provoke in that quote. He didn’t say concerned. He didn’t choose worried. He wanted something that included more than care. He wanted something stronger than bothered. He chose provoked.

Provoke means that a strong action comes in response to the stimulus. It means that we are incited to change something. Are we bothered so much that we are emotionally and physically provoked to  change the status of the lost?

We can only be provoked to action by something we hold valuable.

Do we hold the unbeliever in such high esteem that we can’t stand to see them lost without telling them of Christ?

When was the last time your spirit man was provoked by God for the lost?

3 thoughts on “He Provoked Me

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  1. When I hear the phrase “lead people to Christ”, I think of leading them to the point that they decide to put their faith in Jesus and follow him. In that regard, I have two children that I have led to Christ. With friends and family, I am batting 0.000 so far in actually leading someone to salvation even though I have shared the gospel with them, prayed for them in Jesus’ name and other things. Are you talking about sharing the gospel, or being able to carve a notch on your evangelical quarter-staff? And yes, I DO need to share more than I do, especially in my neighborhood full of Mormons.


    1. I think the poll cover it the way you are suggesting. They were referring to closing the deal.That would make the percentage as high as it was. However, if I share Him more the likelihood that I lead someone to Him increases.

      I think we all could be sharing our faith more and more efficiently. In ways that are more productive.


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