Back In Action

imbackWhere’d you go,” you ask?

I went to the land of the eternal WIFI. The home of the blazing fast connection, even on your net-connected cell phone.

Then why haven’t you written anything in nearly two months, Barba?” you ask again.

Are you sure you’re ready for this? We experienced what some in the biz call a Technology-Induced Hiatus. It wasn’t the plan to leave you Barba-philes without your RDA of witty banter.

Teen Angst

The story starts a mere few hours before we left Paraguay to go on furlough. My oldest daughter dropped her netbook while performing her homeschool duties and the machine’s screen took a dump.It didn’t crack. It just didn’t work. No worries–I’ll pick up a screen and make the swap in the USA.

No Joy:-(>

I couldn’t make the new screen work. I could make an external screen work but not the new, built-in one. Hiss BOO!  The age of the machine coupled with repair costs made it prohibitive to fix. Time to shop the returned lease/scratch & dent/refurbished aisles in my favorite online retailers.

 New Dog. Old Trick.

No problem. I’m still in business. I purchased a refurbished laptop for myself and had it shipped to my parents’ house. It arrived a month before me. YAY! I had been using a twelve(12)-year-old desktop to write this blog, so I was stoked for the new equipment. I used it one day and it locked down. AAAAAHHHHHHHH! I couldn’t use a recovery disc or any other type of hi-fidelity electrical voodoo to revive it. I had to return it. Because my 30 days were up, I had to send it to the manufacturer for repair instead of getting a replacement from the retailer. BOO Hiss!

Old Dog. New Trick.

No problem. I still have my wife’s trusty lappy to use while I wait for the return of mine. About a year and a half ago I had the factory authorized repair center here in Paraguay replace the fan on that laptop. It worked well except for one small problem. They stripped every screw in the thing. After a few months the case was so loose it took two people to open it. One to hold it together and one to lift the screen, but it functioned well.

My wife grabbed this beauty to fine tune our presentation one evening and it fell apart. I mean into pieces. Like a big ole some-assembly-required Christmas surprise. I went to the hardware store and bought tiny nuts and bolts and duct tape. I put the laptop back together. It was impressive. So much so I got an invitation to join the Frankenstein Foundation for Technology.

We all sat around my creation. We plugged it in to the power source. I threw the switch and screamed, “It’s ali–wait a minute, it’s not booting up.” It just wouldn’t run anymore. Hiss BOO! Click to add to cart…

Teen Angst Revisited

Meanwhile I received my daughter’s replacement machine in the mail. A nice little returned lease unit at a bargain price. I couldn’t do the setup on it because it had three bad keys on the keyboard. Are you kidding me? Pack it up. Send it back. Reorder…

New Old Dog

We did find a replacement for my wife’s com and ordered it. By the time we got it, we were desperately behind on our furlough work, having had to borrow a computer whenever we needed one to use. I am happy to report it is a solid replacement that operates well and doesn’t disintegrate into a pile of lego-like pieces when you open it. In fact, I liked hers so much I got one just like it. Mine, too, is operating well.

My daughter’s replacement finally came in. The good news is all the keys worked. The bad news is the battery would only hold a charge for 50 minutes. To address the battery problem I would have had to send it back and risk getting another problem. I decided to buy my own battery and keep an otherwise great laptop.

I guess that is why I haven’t been own here filling the interwebs with my brand of psuedo-wisdom. Brace yourself though…

I’m Back.

Back in Paraguay. Back in the writing saddle.

10 thoughts on “Back In Action

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  1. I’m glad you can laugh at this, Ken. But remember… technology is such a great time saver. Imagine how much of an inconvenience this would have been if you didn’t have technology! 😉


    1. I have to be honest. I wasn’t laughing when it was going down. There were a few other things happening too that were a hassle. However, I am glad I wasn’t tempted by the siren of social media and enjoyed my time back in the US.


  2. Welcome back to cyberspace. I am so sorry about all the computer problems and the fact that all three units went belly up at the same time.


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