Immortal Dog


Today’s post is a podcast.

OK, fine. My dog may not be immortal but he is somewhat of a legend in our neighborhood. He was already a figure of notoriety around here.

He is a good-sized, muscular dog in a place that tends to be afraid of dogs. He is a good-sized, muscular dog in a area full of small apartments. Tack those things on to the weird looking foreigner taking him for a walk and it equals–people notice us.

The other night one of Satan’s henchmen, a spawn from the deepest pit, crossed our path. A cat jumped down in front of us. Niko bolted shredding his harness in pursuit. As he was savoring the tip of the evil one’s tail a car hit him. No horn, no brakes just a thud to his hip. He spun a circle and planted his feet without missing a step in his chase.

All of this took place while some old men drank matè. They were mesmerized at the fact that not only was ne not hurt but he wasn’t even afraid of the street.

Give a listen to how it applies to you…

Do you think you can be too focused? Have you been figuratively hit by a car?

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