Dance of the Calendar

And so it begins…

If you couldn’t tell by my last post we are Coming to America. However, I am not an African prince nor will I be working at a McDowell’s with Arsenio Hall. Arsenio is busy and McDowell’s got shut down for serving Kangaroo meat. Not to mention I clipped my royal lock, AKA the mullet, years ago.

What happens for us now is we start trying to think of everything that will happen for the next two months. In two different countries. We need to notify whomever about whatever.

We need to prepay for rent and utilities and to reserve spots in classes for when we return. We can’t just walk away. We will need a place to live when we get back. We will need foster care for Niko. We will need someone to stay in our apartment to watch our interests here. We need somewhere to park the car where someone will crank it periodically.


We need to make a list of things we want to bring back with us. We need to develop a message to share with our partners. We need to make a presentation for the churches that want a media show.

We need to make a list of churches and organizations and family and friends and partners that want to see us while we are there. We need to make a list of new friends that want to hear about the work we do and want to meet us face-to-face for the first time. We need to make a list of items we have to purchase while we are there. We need to go to every Goodwill and thrift store in the southeastern region of the United States.

The bottom line is, we are about to have ten calendars floating around here with corresponding lists. In the end, these all need to jive with each other. So the Dance of the Calendar begins.

It’s really more like juggling a chainsaw, a samurai sword, a smart phone, a tuna sandwich and a flaming torch while wearing wool socks on a freshly waxed tile floor.

We want to please everyone.
We can’t.

We want to see you. Yes, you, while we are visiting. To do that I need you to contact me and tell me you want to see us.

We leave on August 12th.

We will return October 15th.

Give me a shout and tell me when during that time frame would be good for us to swing by your neck of the woods. I promise I will try to give you your first pick but if by some chance I drop the chainsaw…Just be flexible if you can and bring some band-aids.

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