Dreamweaver: Living the Dream


Today’s post is a podcast.

Hold the magic carpet ride this isn’t a tribute to 1976. This is a different kind of Dream-weaving. I told you last week about a coincidence that was on purpose. Well, while we were hanging with these cool people today’s episode happened.

We were walking back to our apartment after having a great lunch getting to know our new friends and passed a couple of Mormon fellows walking the opposite direction.

Whatever your thoughts are about the Mormon faith you have to give them credit for their evangelism. I have seen Mormon missionaries all over the world. Some in very remote locales. They take their spread the gospel mandate very seriously.

We always try to talk to these folks when we see them to make sure they have what they need. It’s tough moving to a new country and not know the language.

Are you living the dream? Who wrote your dream sequence?

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