Coincidental Purpose


Today’s post is a podcast.

This episode of the podcast is coming to you from the plush back seat of my Montero. It has become my soundproof recording studio. It is deluxe with a cup holder and a view of the front seat.

I mention my wife’s book review blog on today’s episode so here is a link:

Hammock Librarian

Today I’m talking about how I overlook God’s providence as merely coincidence. How I can take a look at a chance happening that is a huge benefit to me and think of it as only dumb luck instead of the hand of God.

This week God showed me how He could take ordinary circumstances and switch them around. How He could show us His love through His servants. How He could create a coincidental purpose out of seemingly random acts.

Is it easy for you to overlook those coincidences in your life as happenstance and not give God praise for them?

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