What’s in a Week


What’s in a week indeed. Last week was–

  • Hospital Week- I went Monday to find out why I couldn’t breathe. It turns out you can’t complete that good ole’ oxygenated gas exchange without a little airspace in the lungs. Meds, nebulizer and nasty looking injections–back in action, albeit slow.
  • The Bridge Week – New project launched, 6.23 gazillion social media references made and $450 taken in. Good start. Moving forward. 98% to go.
  • Moving Week- We started our cross-town move to a new apartment week in the blustery cold rain. At least it’s only one flight of stairs. With 2 turns.

I guess here is where you as the regular reader would expect the frivolity to start. I tantalize you with a ridiculous story and then I pull the classic twist in the end to Jesus Junk your face off.




How does he do it?

This time he didn’t. I am just plain tired. There is a lot of stuff yet to move but in some ways it’s a good kind of tired.

It’s a tired from worthwhile work with the people I love. It’s a tired etched with the desire to see youth moved to a life with Christ. It’s a tired from physical labor that has a spiritual end as its goal.

So for today I want to know what it is you find worth getting just plain tired for? What thing do you find beautifully exhausting?

BTW-We are planning our stateside furlough. I want to call it the Barba Victory Tour but my wife is holding out. I can’t figure it out–she’s a Michael Jackson fan, too. Now’s the time for you to think, “We really need the Barba and his clan of misfits to come by our family reunion, troop meeting, church, wedding, yard sale or whatever and share their work.”

2 thoughts on “What’s in a Week

Add yours

    1. We are still planning at this stage. We have a couple of loose ends to tie up before we can make the ticket purchase. We hope to be there(based in upstate SC) for around 2 months. Before the end of the year. I’ll get with you…


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