9 Ways You Can Launch The Bridge


By now I hope you’re caught up in the media frenzy of The Bridge launch. If you haven’t noticed, our strategy for the fundraising is to cover the entire operation of The Bridge for a year in advance. 

We want to be able to minister without the fear of low funding dictating how The Bridge operates. We have a plan to reach the youth of Encarnacion and many of those things hinge on the function of other parts of that plan. This fundraising effort is scheduled to last about six months.

You may be wondering,

Barba, how can I help make The Bridge a rousing success?

Luckily for you, that is the goal of this little post.  Let’s go ahead a get right to it.

9 Ways You Can Launch The Bridge

  1. Pray. If you’re the praying sort we sure would appreciate you joining us in prayer for this project.
  2. Support. You can sign up via your social media login and support the cause without donating.
  3. Donate. If you are able to. Remember this is a long fundraiser. If you can’t today you may be able to later.
  4. Share. This project has a promo page, a funding page, a Facebook page, and blog posts here and at the ministry blog. Pass those puppies around. Like it. Pin it. Whatever it. Just share it…often.
  5. Paste. Look to your right——->This is right. You can have that stylish, automatically updating widget on your blog or website. More exposure means more support. Just copy the code in the box and paste it on your site. Email me if you have issues. If I can’t help I will put on sackcloth and ashes with you.  (BLOGGER USERS: Paste the code into a TEXT gadget rather than HTML.)
  6. Fundraise. If you click that cool widget it will take you to our Fundly page. Scroll down about half way to a box labeled Ways to Help. The bottom entry is Become a Fundraiser. Click and create your very own sub-fundraiser and set your own goal all on our behalf. There is no cost to you and it is a huge help to us.
  7. Partner. Maybe you don’t have a fat roll of Benjamins creeping out of your waistband under your wifebeater tank. But you probably have friends. Get together with some of them and host a fundraiser. This is great for youth groups, scout troops, those on house arrest and retirement home residents. Contact us for ideas if you need ’em.
  8. Pray. What? You’re too good to pray twice? This is where we will be truly successful–If we have a solid group of supporters praying regularly for the youth that come through the door of The Bridge.
  9. Interview. Do an interview with the Barba, and/or his esteemed colleague, soul mate and maker of honey-do lists , Christie. This can be written Q&A , audio or video. We will take all comers.

There you go, 9 ways you can launch The Bridge. If you can’t find a couple of ways to participate out of that list, you’re not trying hard enough. Put the remote down. Pick up some form of digital internet surfing device and get to it. You probably have four ways to get online within three feet of you right now.

We really need your help. Not to mention if you do help, you can take credit for some of the world changers that come out of The Bridge.

What way will you help launch The Bridge? Can you come up with your own idea that I didn’t mention?

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