You Asked For It: 1st to 3rd world


Today’s post is a podcast.

On today’s episode I hit up the last of the reader questions I have tucked away. As you may have guessed I am talking about 1st to 3rd world adjustments. If you guys like this series as a blog post or a podcast, either way, send me some more questions and your request for text or audio.

Jonathan Montan wanted to know:

My top ten first world to third world adjustments.

I cover those sorts of things a lot on the blog so I had to think to fill the order with fresh items. I didn’t want to rehash some stale old content. You guys are to good for that.

  1. I never get correct change.
  2. Two worlds colliding before my eyes.
  3. Medical care. I has a whole new meaning.
  4. Inefficiency

I hope you enjoy it and for all that is holy don’t eat the banana candy.

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