Christian Dictionary: Waiting on God

During this time plagued with uncertainty one can not be too careful with decision making. Answer yes at the wrong time, and you’re stuck in the nursery at church for a month. Or worse, you’re the Pastor’s hospital visitation buddy during the tournament. If you’re not careful with your answers you may end up teaching a class and destroying all of your free time in the process. EW! Grody to the max.  (ridiculous 80’s slang-check)

There’s no need to dive right into something haphazardly. Why stress your meager measure of faith? Surely there must be some plan of action to deal with the shifting foundation of society. There is, and here’s its definition.


pauseToday’s word is actually a phrase-

Waiting on God

Some will make the connection of this phrase to discernment, and rightly so. I mean, how can we make good, godly decisions without discernment? But, for that discernment to work we need to Wait on God for the right answer. 

Waiting on God had its birth as a concept in the Old Testament. God’s people needed an answer to a situation so they prayed. Then they waited on God to give them a sign of His will, His answer. At first this was reserved for really important decisions like taking over a country or retrieving ax heads that fell into the river.


Popular Christian Definition of Waiting on God-

What you tell others that leads them to believe God is withholding vital information concerning His will in a situation, thus rendering you helpless to make a decision.

Clearly the phrase has evolved, and thank goodness. Now we can use it to dodge all manner of uncomfortable expectations.

“Hey, Brother, have you decided to handle the small group sermons for a while? My wife’s death is really heavy on me.”

“I’m waiting on God for His leading. I’ll get with you when I hear something.”

And just like that you’re free from obligation.

Have you ever Waited on God long enough to avoid something seemingly unpleasant? 

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4 thoughts on “Christian Dictionary: Waiting on God

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  1. Guilty. Guilty.

    I have totally used this in the past. “just waiting on God’s calling” in full knowledge that I don’t ever plan to say yes.

    I’m trying to be better these days.


    1. I’ve used it. That’s where the blog idea came from. I am trying to do better to but I am waiting on God to give me a sign before I make any real significant changes.


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