Photo Friday

Here we go!! It’s Friday that means it’s time for some more photos. Before we get to the pics I need to ask if you subscribed to and listened to the podcast.

Did you subscribe to and listen to the podcast?

Ok, not that’s over take a look at these.

Vague and Fat


Again with hating on chunky boys and their drawers. If it’s not bad enough that this model is called “Fatty” the name of the brand is Vague Underwear. I thought vague underwear is a thong, you know barely there. I definitely don’t want any vague Fatty skivvies.


NOT Hollister






Lest you think we live totally deprived I give you the NOT Hollister brand of clothing available. There were a variety of shirts in myriad patterns but they all had this same print. Knock-off mania is sweeping the nation.




I didn’t take this one my trusty mission friend did. This is a bust of Pastor Servando Obligado for whom a town near here is named. It made Photo Friday for two reasons. First, look at those magnificent Mutton chops. Otherworldly. Second, his name literally means “Shepherd Serving.” You can’t run from that calling.






This is two photos I stuck together. These little hummingbirds are ransacking this tree in our backyard. At any given point there are 10 0r more. They buzz around doing their thing then take a seat on a branch to relax.





This is my Guampa (wampa) for drinking Tereré. Tereré is about as Paraguayan a past time as anything. It is a made by pouring water into the cup full of yerba leaves and drinking it through the straw (bombilla) that has a screen on it. It is a great help with the heat and is a relational practice. Everyone sits in a circle passing the cup around sharing from the same bombilla.







This is our security system. Mission dog Niko. He has been with us for 3 1/2 years and he is great. I told him to look pensively off in the distance and put on his melancholy face for this one. NAILED IT and on the first try too.




That covers this week’s Photo Friday. I hope you enjoyed the tour. Have a great weekend.

Which one is your favorite and why?

7 thoughts on “Photo Friday

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  1. So many comments running through my brain:

    1. Yes, I have subscribed to your podcast and enjoy it. I loved your response to “Can I help you?”
    2. Is that a party-sized guampa? Somehow, I can’t see that being passed. It looks too heavy.
    3. Your dog reminds me of Laura Ingall Wilder’s dog from _Little House on the Prairie_ series. He is very cute…and, oh, yes, very intimidating ;-D.
    4. I appreciate Paraguayan honesty in advertising. Needless to say, it will never sell in America unless they substitute little known synonyms like “solid”, or “rotund” or “surfeit” for “fatty” (yes, I used a thesaurus) .


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