Can I Help You?

urinal#2Today’s post is a Podcast.

He said, “Can I help you?” He really wanted something else.

Do you want to help or do you want to feel better?

During the episode I mention a book by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert called When Helping Hurts (affiliate link). It is a tremendous read in pointing out flaws in our ministry mentality. It really helped me fine tune my thoughts on poverty alleviation.


Do you offer help to make yourself feel better? Are your offers focused or do throw out a blanket statement?

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2 thoughts on “Can I Help You?

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  1. Good stuff, Ken. Your thoughts about how our help can sometimes end up hurting reminded me of It’s a company I do some virtual work for. Same idea, our good intentions are good…but not always the best or most productive solution.


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