Photo Friday

It’s been a huge week on the blog. I debuted the podcast and even posted its first episode with “real” content. If you haven’t heard it yet slide on over there and give it an ear. It is available on iTunes if you want to subscribe with your IOS debauchery.

Now, who’s ready for some more visual touring of Paraguay? .

Yay!! Me, too.


Have I told you about the HUGE Mennonite communities all over Paraguay? I have to admit I didn’t take this photo. A friend of mine, and avid reader of the blog did. He is a missionary, too so it was snapped in proxy. That is one of those walk-behind zero-turn mowers with the wheel attachment to ride on. I rate this one AWESOME!








While I’m asking questions, have I told you about the HUGE German population in Paraguay. This photo hangs in a restaurant in a very German heavy area. Notice the perceived alliance with the Paraguayan flag on the let and the Nazi flag on the right. This town has the house where Josef Mengele live when he fled the war. The stories go that Hitler lived not to far from here and would visit him. You can ask around and find an elderly person to point out Hitler’s grave where he died at an old age.



These horse-drawn covered wagons are called Karumbé. Coincidentally, that is the Guarani word for turtle. These guys are set up at the bus terminal like taxis. You can hop in one with your goods and tell him where to go, in a nice way.








For the fans of 80’s rock band Whitesnake. Some guy in Argentina is with you in his heart if not in body. Here I Go Again… to the next photo.








Yes, that is an ambulance at the gas station. Um, yes. They do have a patient inside with an IV bag hanging next to him and a loved one presumably fan the fumes out of his face. You know what the worst part was? He was the fifth car in the line. He waited all that time…Enjoy your socialized medicine.

Have a great weekend.

Which one do you like and why?

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