Rambling with the Barba Podcast

It just got a little crazy around here.

newpodcastlogoYou read right. I’m doing audio podcasts now. Today is the inauguration of these audible nuggets of wisdom. I’m still learning about the things I need to include on “Show Notes” posts, so please be patient.

This is the first episode of the Rambling with the Barba Podcast. On today’s show I’m going to fill you in on what to expect in the future.

If you have any comments about the show, leave them here in the comments section. If you have any suggestions for future podcast topics, hit me up in the inbox at missionken@gmail.com.

You can take a listen with the player below or go ahead and subscribe in your favorite pod grabber.

Here’s a link to the Podcasting Page. It’s a lot of the same thing as here or in the recording but I’m trying to lay all the groundwork now.

Note: The Podcast is not on iTunes yet. It has been submitted. However you can subscribe to it using iTunes by going to File>Subscribe to Podcast and enter the feed URL.



7 thoughts on “Rambling with the Barba Podcast

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  1. It literally sounds good. Now I have something to listen to when walking the dog. Besides my bible, or worship music, of course ;-).


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