Hungering Games

big-buffetI understand the concept of desiring God. I agree we should look for Him, seek Him.
But I wonder if the  idea of hungering for more of the Lord causes us to miss what we already have with Him.
Does seeking Him, hungering for Him, get in the way of living with Him?
Can we really hope to have more of the Spirit than is already in us if we are believers? Hungering for more of the Spirit seems to belittle the Spirit living in us in favor of a future Spirit we haven’t found yet. Some secret new level not yet attained. Are we somehow incomplete when we accept Jesus as Lord?
I think the real problem may be in how we hunger/seek Him. I think we can concentrate on the method so intently that we miss the destination or target.
Many times we take an academic approach and read more. Study more. Discuss more. All at the cost of spending more time with Him. Does my seeking God get in the way of my finding Him? It would be like going to a buffet and getting caught up in seeing what foods are on it rather than eating.
What do you think? Can we get too caught up in seeking Him? Do you focus too much on the method and miss Him?

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  1. Great post, Ken. Yes, I’ve been guilty of living this kind of mentality…looking for the next mountaintop. But then we miss the beauty in the valley. Thanks for the reminder to open my eyes and see the miracles sitting next to me.


  2. I want to make sure I understand what you are saying so I am going to paraphrase it: if we spend too much time reading God’s word and praying to Him, focusing on improving our experience of Him, we fail to live out His commands and become no earthly good? We become sponges (or maybe Tribbles?) instead of His hands and feet?


    1. That’s not exactly where I was going with this one but I have done this, too. I was thinking we can get caught up in study and understanding about God but we don’t spend time with God. It’s kinda like a fan of a celebrity.

      They research this person. The fan knows everything about them. What they eat, where they live, who they date or married but they don’t know the celebrity. The have never met. Or, they have met but only superficially. They even tell others how great this celeb is.

      That is a fine line of distinction and maybe I’m just splitting hairs.


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