Photo Friday

We had an awesome week filled with torrents of rain. I love being stuck in the house dodging chairs hung with wet laundry. However, that didn’t deter me from hitting the streets during the dry patches in search of premium snapshots for your viewing pleasure. Welcome to another Photo Friday

Super snail

This much runs rain all kinds of stuff to the high ground. I’ve been keeping you up to date on Facebook and Twitter with the Tarantula wars but I haven’t mentioned these guys. These giant snails have been hightailing it to dryer areas lately, too. That’s the tip of my size 12 kicks in there for a little size gauge. This dude was remarkably quick given the stereotype he suffers.

billboard bike







I have shown you various 3-wheeled motorcycles over the duration of this series. I recently showed you a motorcycle billboard. I present to you the budget minded advertisers mobile option. It is considerably cheaper but is much more likely to suffer a blow over from the wind.



I found this Parrot colony in the top of an old smoke stack. I magnified some areas to show the birds. That thing had about 50 parrots zooming in and out in constant movement. I still haven’t gotten used to seeing these things flying about wild.

big boy juice box






This is what I like to call the “Big Boy Juice Box.” It’s a one liter box of wine. This particular one was not a good year but a very good 2nd shift on Thursday. The robust $1.40 price tag contributes to the alcohol problem here.

kid cook





I love the packaging on the Chinese-made toys. What parent doesn’t want to get their child “The most popular gift?” I definitely want the “new style” toys. Plastic cookware hasn’t been seen before. Finally, who knew the word “Degustation” (Green oval on left) was in the vocabulary of the 3-8 year old crowd. BTW from Wikipedia-Degustation is a culinary term meaning a careful, appreciative tasting of various foods… Enjoy this “Set Cooker.”

freedom disobedience




I found this bit of graffiti where skaters hang out. The phrase translates to-There is no liberty without disobedience. I like the dystopic imagery. I’m not sure how this meshes with Christianity though. What do you think?



Have a great weekend.

Which one is you favorite? Why…?

10 thoughts on “Photo Friday

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  1. First of all, the bicyclist riding around with that advertising probably has strong legs because that sign makes a great sail.

    I laughed at the “big boy juicebox” comment. I don’t know that I would buy wine that cheap that is labeled “Bull Wine” because I would wonder if it would be 100% wine without any adders or fillers. Do they have labeling laws there requiring a list of ingredients?

    I love the parrots! Do the natives consider them wonderful, too, or do they consider them the same way we consider pidgeons?

    Thanks for the pictures.


    1. Most everything that is commercially produced is labeled. There is a lot of cottage industry that isn’t. As for the parrots, they’re birds to the folk here. Nothing out of the ordinary.


  2. Nice pics. The wine box made me thirsty….

    That last one doesn’t harmonize with Christianity, and this is coming from someone critical of the empires of the principalities and powers of this age.


    1. Ya know, the folks I see buying boxes also buy one of the local soft drinks and mix it. Even more bizarre is they usually get the Grapefruit flavor. I’ll let that settle a minute. No straws that I’ve seen though.


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