Photo Friday

Who loves to look at pictures and maybe read a paragraph of caption?


I think that’s why I love doing Photo Friday. It’s easy on the reader and I get to throw in some snide remarks and general lunacy at my discretion. Grab one of the cartoony tour maps from the gift shop and if you haven’t had your ticket validated for the other tours check here.

Cook out It has rained for days and days here. The stormy clouds finally passed for a few hours and we decided to take advantage of it and burn some chicken over fire. I don’t know about you but I like a meal that looks attractive as well as tastes good. This one had me asking it out on a date and buying it chocolate.


chicken hearts







While pickin’ my chicken I ran across a tray of hearts. It made me think of bad clichés like ” Have a little heart” and stuff like that. I abstained from the roasted hearts. I don’t eat organ meat and I don’t like “heart burn.” *rimshot*


Hell's coffee cup





If Hell serves coffee it will be in one of these tiny little travesties. It will come from a gas station and oh yeah, it will be decaf. I really think this is a classy way to take liquid medicine.


prosthetic beard




Being the big beard proponent that I am I was thrilled to find this display of prosthetic beards for the folliclely challenged. Now you don’t have to be embarrassed by that weak showing of face fur. Just pick one of these chin weaves and you’re set.


rigged storm drain




I’m all about some armchair engineering but this is plain scary. On a walk yesterday through our fair city I found this drain cover, think Marilyn Monroe. It covers a ten foot drop. What? Yes that is thin aluminum wire holding it together and no I didn’t test its tensile strength.


Armored car repair




This sign advertises repair for armored cars. I can’t determine what’s more disturbing about this picture. The fact that there is enough need for armored cars here that there is advertising for repair or that an armored car would need repair. I mean, really. It’s armored shouldn’t it be pretty sturdy?


Have a great weekend and I’ll see you (in the cyber not flesh and blood way) Monday.

Which pic do you like and why?

2 thoughts on “Photo Friday

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  1. That meal did look tasty. Were you having a party? And are those little sausages cooking in the green peppers and onions?

    Even armored cars need a tune-up, right? Or is that a body shop?

    Happy St. Patty’s Day.


    1. Those are little sausages. That size is called “besitos” or little kisses. Kinda weird but tasty. As for the armored cars if it was just tune up anybody could do it. IDK chalk one more in the odd column.


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