Photo Friday

It’s a Photo Friday day. Who’s ready to take the next leg of the picture tour of Paraguay? I have some interesting shots today, so without any more chatter, here we go.

motosign I have shown you a variety of the three-wheeled motorcycle in the past. This version is basically a rolling billboard. There are a few companies that buy these and sell ad space. They hire drivers to tour busy areas at rush hour. What a great idea! Add this to text messaging and phone calls as one more thing to take distract drivers. BTW, I have not seen one of these in a wind storm.







Every Saturday is Pancake/Waffle/Crepe day. It just depends on what the crowd wants. I do the cooking and I make these totally from scratch. I mean, not even self-rising flour. I also make the syrup because it is not available here.


spooky church





I was riding by the Catholic church in town the other night an saw their blue crosses so I decided to snap a shot. I didn’t even look at what filter I was using and I got this spooky movie church instead.






What do you do if you need to bathe and you can’t put weight on your foot? Wrong, you also do not have a bathtub. Christie’s post-surgery instructions are no weight bearing so I had to fabricate a shower attachment for her. Add one garden spigot, a lawn chair, a bit of hose and the sprayer from the yard, and now she can buff up with ease.




I was on another power walk and passed by the boat ramp. Clearly there was some kind of questionable activity going on. Parked on the ramp was a truck from the local bottled water company. No, surprisingly, they were not filling bottles with river water to sell. They were packing a little John boat with already full bottles. Apparently there is a water shortage across the border and these entrepreneurs were seizing the day by avoiding the import tax and customs fees.






With their little boat filled to capacity with fresh bottled water, the seafarers putt around the point to enter Argentina without giving The Man his cut. Bottled water…weird.




That’s it for today. Sorry, we do not validate parking stubs. Have a great weekend.

Which one is your favorite? Are there any questions?

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