Happy Anniversary for the Day You Didn’t Die

Life affords us many days to celebrate personally. A few of these are worthy of our  attention annually. Obviously, there are birthdays and anniversaries.

Many Christians celebrate the day they committed their life to Christ. It’s a life-changing event and they want to commemorate it.

SassyToday in our home we celebrate, albeit somberly, the day my wife didn’t die. Two years ago today she took a direct hit from a Toyota Landcruiser to her left thigh at the knee.

It shattered her femur and threw her quite a distance from the motorcycle she was on.

Today we celebrate God’s decision to preserve her life, which could have easily been taken. The truck was traveling 70+MPH.

We cheer that Christie didn’t lose her leg in this event. She has been in a wheelchair, on a walker, on crutches or using a cane for the last 24 months. With her slight build and very young 40 years it looks terribly out of place. It has been made more bearable for our family because we understand these as temporary necessities in her recovery to 100%.

I have no trouble celebrating those days we deem deserving of our attention.  I tend to overlook so many others, like the ones that have pain or trauma attached to them. Or the ones that pass in an instant without tragedy and leave no lasting mark.

Why do I undercut my appreciation to God for his many daily blessings?

What could you celebrate? What day or event did circumstances take a turn in your favor? How has God spared you lately?

6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary for the Day You Didn’t Die

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  1. When my first wife died at the young age of 25, that was the day that a closer walk with God began. It didn’t happen immediately, but I can trace back where I am now due to my loss over a decade ago.


  2. Celebrate!! I’ll be thinking about your questions, Ken. It’s so important to regularly remember His faithfulness. I don’t want to take the countless second chances I’ve received for granted.


  3. The day I gave my extensive, very detailed list of qualities I wanted in a husband to God and told Him that I wanted one of his guys. Two weeks later, He introduced me to the man I would eventually marry. 16 years and one week ago from today, we sat at an average Chinese restaurant and decided to pursue a relationship. A little more than four years ago, we prayed to God as my husband was laid off and told Him that we would go if He said “Go.” He moved us 1800 miles away from all friends and family into a desert. But God is good. I am so glad that God preserved your wife’s life!


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