Photo Friday

It’s time for another leg of the off-beat tour of Paraguay via the lens of my cellphone camera. To be honest, I like writing these posts. I get to be creative without the pesky need for coherence. It’s like shotgun lunacy. Relax, gun control advocates, it’s not where I get a shotgun and go crazy, but where my crazy goes all over the place. Anyway, pictures…

Who remembers pop, soul and R&B singer Diana Ross? The Lucchetti rice company, that’s who. Arroz (ah ROSS) means rice in Spanish so the disco fans at Lucchetti pay homage to Diana by creating their very own mascot in her image. Complete with microphone, hoop earrings and of course, an afro. Those are disco lights reflecting on the floor.




Being a car guy, I had hoped to never put the words Ferrari and fanny-pack in the same sentence. Sadly they are blended into the same product here. A moment of silence for the career of the person at Ferrari who signed off on this. *Taps plays softly*




From the fine folks at Bookies-R-Us comes Kiddie Kasino. Why wait to teach your child the ins and outs of gambling. The kit comes with a mini Roulette wheel, dice, chips and cash, each designed for the plump little fingers of your toddler. The upper right corner says ages 3+. “Double down, Junior!”



So you need back support but you don’t want to look like a loser. Try the 777-1 Waist Support from the makers of Fat Men underwear. Not only will you kiss low-back pain goodbye, but also, as the package says, “Victory belongs to you forever.” That’s called a win-win.





Let’s say you need to make a ton of sandwiches for a 2nd grade class. You know, hold the crust, and you need them fast. Well, you could use this giant crustless sandwich bread and make four at a time. Cut in half that’s eight at a time. That is the only logical use for giant crustless bread.





Finally, if you’re in a red car you may not pass. It’s that simple. Red riders stay put. I know it doesn’t seem fair, but it’s the law.

Have a great weekend.

What’s your favorite? Are there any questions?

12 thoughts on “Photo Friday

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  1. I really like the Diana Arroz. It is nice to think she is still known *somewhere*. And I wonder if the 3 year old casino pack uses money that is made of rubber. Because I do know some 3 year olds in our church who still put things in their mouth.

    For what it is worth, until I saw “panederia”, I thought you were squeezing some Charmin.


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