Doppelganger Rejects

A doppelganger is basically a re-run of you. Not the after-school,  B-grade-sitcoms-from-yesteryear kind of rerun.  A copy of you that is not you. In folklore they were ominous but today they are the manifestation of science fiction geeks and their love affair with time travel. Guilty.

I was reading this story about about a semi-Doppelganger gone bad. This is not a late-night DVD of questionable morals. It was about the famed director/writer/actor (and about ten other slashes) Charlie Chaplin. Chaplin was the rage in the early heydays of film making.

In 1915 Chaplin fever was sweeping the nation. It became very popular to have Charlie Chaplin look-alike contests. The contests were actually for impersonating Chaplin’s lovable character, The Tramp.

The San Francisco theater decided to put on one of these contests to promote Chaplin’s movies. Charlie decided to enter the show himself but he did not don his famous Bowler hat or thick, black mustache. He didn’t need to. He was the creator of the character.

In the end Chaplin failed to win the contest. In fact, he placed so low in the first round that he didn’t make the final cut. He failed to impersonate himself. That is an identity crisis in the making.

It made me think of Jesus. What? You thought I was going to say Jersey Shore? Not so. I bought a butt-load of “Christianize” aerosol spray and I’m spreading it all over this story.

Jesus came down here and very few recognized how much He looked like God. Some say that if He were to come now, we wouldn’t recognize Him, either.

However, that’s not the most important thing. For me, I want to know

How would I fare if someone had a Jesus look-alike contest?

Would I make it out of the first round or would my association with Jesus be so weak that I would get bumped?

Are you being a good Jesus poser? Are you failing to impersonate Him?

8 thoughts on “Doppelganger Rejects

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  1. That is a great story!

    On an awesome day with complete strangers, I MIGHT look like Jesus. Maybe not so much to people who know me REALLY well, like my family. And definitely not when I am having a bad day.


  2. Great question, Ken. Every week I get together with my two best friends for an “accountability” session. The first question we ask each other is how we were a testimony to the greatness of Jesus that week. It’s pretty humbling to show up and admit that we can’t think of anything. I like to keep that question front and center.


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