God Skyped Me

God Skyped me last night.

I didn’t even know Skype had an app for the iGod operating system they use in heaven but I guess they do. It would seem like a waste of money to develop an app for such an obscure software, particularly when the Creator is everywhere all the time. Does He really need to sit in front of a screen to talk to me?

It all started when God emailed. He sent a note asking if we could set up a Skype appointment. He wanted to discuss our ministry here in Paraguay and any needs we may have. What was I going to say? It was God. I felt like I needed to take this one. So last night at 9pm Pacific time (that’s 2am here) we took a call from God. Apparently God is kicking it in San Diego, California for a while and wanted to catch up with us.

He looked a lot different than I expected.

No ancient looking man with a huge white beard. No Zeus-esque character with lightening dripping from His fingers. He was actually a young-adult group from a local church. These people were agents for God. They were filled with Him and clearly acting on His behalf. They believe in mission work. So heartily, in fact, that they formed a contracting company to fund missions projects. They told us that any money they earned in their company is rolled into missions. They support local and foreign projects as well as fund short-term trips with it.

The Sunday Skype and sing.

Every Sunday night between 8 and 9 pm they set up a Skype call from their church to chat with missionaries from across the world. They sat together as a big group in what looked like a living room. They asked us questions. They encouraged us. They prayed for us. They encouraged us. They sang a few worship songs. They encouraged us. They asked us to send them contact information and updates because they wanted to continue to encourage us.

They encouraged us.

What an awesome experience it was. We had never met or even heard of any of these folks when that first email came. To be honest it sounded like a strange mix of techno-geek and Christian hokey when I first read it. I couldn’t have been more wrong. They so genuinely cared for us. I want to thank the folks at North Coast Church and their contracting company The A-Team for their time last night.

How have you used technology to encourage someone? Has your church considered using video calls for ministry?

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  1. Ken, part of the vision of our church is to develop a missions center. That vision consists of having space for current small ministries in our area that has to rent. Also included is a video conferencing area so that communication with other parts of the world can be done.


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