Photo Friday

It’s been a while since we had a Photo Friday, so here ya’ go. This is the next leg of my graphical, oddball tour of Paraguay. Go get some popcorn and a bucket of Coke from the snack bar and prepare to be mildly, uh, wildly entertained.

This is a brand of underwear and T-shirts. I appreciate a manufacturer who knows his target demographic. I have often thought it the grand lie for a company to make clothing items for the full-figured crowd and then place a Channing Tatum-esque model on the box or tag. Booo! However, I’m not sure I feel any better walking to the register gripping this gem with my sausage fingers either. The guy in the photo looks like he thought it was for the brand Not Fat Men.



Paraguayans know how to throw a party. This grill full of meat is for an 8 year-old’s birthday party we were invited to. I’ll gladly don my pointy hat and suffer the wrath of the rubber band chin strap. The odd thing is the meal begins around 10 or 11 PM.




This came from one of our girls’ homeschool material. I have clearly been out of school to long because I remember this quote a little differently than written here. Chalk it up to old age, I guess.




The last time snowflakes were even reported being seen in Asuncion was 1751. That is why a snowmobile makes such a great toy idea for this country. It promotes imagination, a HUGE imagination.



We had to cross over to Argentina the other day. While we were waiting I saw this road sign. I had no idea Argentina was anti-robot. We promptly made a U-turn so I could drop off my metallic man-friend and hustled back in line.




You’ve waited for hours in line to cross the border. Your body cries for relief but there isn’t a tree for miles. What do you do? You relieve yourself on the center of the bridge while in line waiting. You can’t risk loosing your spot. I’m just glad he has a low fiber diet or it could have been a lot worse. BTW, that is not a shadow below him, it’s a puddle.

No trip to Paraguay would be complete without a public urination. You’re welcome.

Check off “visit Paraguay by proxy” from your to do list this week because we’re finished for today.

Have a great weekend!!

Which is your favorite?

19 thoughts on “Photo Friday

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    1. That’s cool! Since we haven’t ever had any snow accumulation kids here do not even know what it is. Couple that with only a few random flakes in the 1970’s and the level of poverty and I can’t figure why it’s here. Except we get a ton of Chinese built products. Thanks for reading…


  1. I love the “fat man” brand. That would never fly in America, especially among women. But then again, do the Paraguayans who have to buy that size understand what “fat man” means? And in a country where poverty is rather normal and most people are skinny, maybe they think being fat is a status symbol? BTW, isn’t it interesting that the packaging is in English and Chinese(?) but not Spanish? Thanks for the tour!


    1. The word fat does have a little different connotation here. It’s not as offensive. The economic state is one of extremes. So there are really rich and really poor. The dietary choices of both lead to some overweight. The Chinese and English is common because we import sooo much here.


      1. I remember one of the mission trips that I was on. Went to Bella Vista and went to a wood shop to buy some lumber. Walked in the door and the older gentleman said Buenos Dias Gordito! I understood what he meant and responded with my American attitude with Buenos Dias Viejito! Needless to say he and I were both offended. My friend explained to me that that was a customary greeting and was not meant to be mean. You live and learn. My friend graciously apologized and explained to him I was an american and that I didn’t understand the customs and greetings. Left that day with another friend and a new found understanding of guarding my tongue. Love reading yours and Christie’s blogs. God bless Senor Barba!


  2. lol THE GUY PEEIN…..I mean do they not have Pepsi bottles or anything?? Gezzz…Hope the girls were blindfolded with u guys


  3. Well as a full figured man, i appreciate the underwear add, but miss the barbecue meals that the Paraguayans put together. Don’t know what to say about the public urination pic other then; When in Rome, do as the Romans do, or find a Gatorade bottle and make like a truck driver.


      1. I remember being in Raul Pena and the pastor, Norberto Kurrle, and I were walking home with some of the teens from the church; we walked by one of the bars in town and there was a guy doing his business right beside the patio. Messed with me but the kids were fine with it. Never forgot that.


      2. Our first wedding anniversary here we were living pretty rural. We road over to a little town where folks said was a good pizza joint. It was but our next to table outside on the wall at the corner was a “No Urinating Here” sign. I am a charmer…


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