Robotic Convenience

I have some interesting news for all of you Barba fans. I know that, at times, you look at your reader or at the blog and say,

“I love reading the Barba, but he just talks soooooooo much. I’m out of reading time today.”

How would you like Barba to-go? Some way to toss me into your pocket and enjoy all of this nonsense while on the move? I’m not suggesting you buy pants with enormous pockets. Brace yourself, your dreams may have come true. I ran across a little piece of free webware this week that may make your day. It’s called Podcastomatic.

This technological gem will take whatever site you plug into it and convert it to an audio podcast via the RSS feed. Yep! They use text-to-speech software to generate an audio rendition of the site. You can then download the pods or subscribe to them with iTunes. The voice is a bit robotic but not a deal breaker for me.

I took the liberty of processing Rambling with the Barba for you so you could try it out. I was a bit skeptical at first. There is no mechanism for you to comment and respond. Trust me, any blogger will tell you they love hearing from readers, so this is a gamble for me. I don’t want to kill the interaction but I do want to offer you every convenience so you don’t miss a post.

If you’re a regular reader then you will recognize this service will not be helpful for the Rambling Round-Up posts since they are primarily links. It will also be useless for any video posting. The real downer for me is that these “reads” will not show up in during my constant monitoring of this site’s stats.

Now you can just load up your phone or MP3 player with a ton of Rambling for the road.

Do you listen to podcasts? Would you put me in your pocket for a road trip? Will you still comment?

4 thoughts on “Robotic Convenience

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  1. I’ve tried podcasts, but I don’t have a lot of free time and I read much faster than most people can speak, with the possible exception of the FedEx guy from the 1980 commercials. :-D. Both those folks with auditory preferences will love them, I bet!


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