Coming and Going: New Year

So, I blinked my eyes and 2012 bolted for the door. I looked around and 2013 was shifting in its place trying to settle in. I wasn’t finished with 2012 yet. Now I have to go and introduce myself to a new year and figure out how to shift my unfinished business. Worse still, I have to rethink my un-started business. The turn of a new year brings an odd mix of emotion.

On one hand there is the excitement and anticipation of a brand new year.

  • Who is looking to sully the aura of this fresh batch of 12 months? Who has some incredible, life-changing plans you’re looking to implement in the coming weeks? It is the giddiness of the “What will come” that fuels this first few months.

On the other hand there is the sober and somber passing of a year forever gone.

  • Who had unfulfilled plans last year? Who lost a loved one? Who watched another 12 months pass from the recliner of Status Quo? Who checked off day after week after month on their list of one item, survival? For many the melancholy of “What has passed” will maintain a spiral of regret for the next few months until they settle back into a rhythm.

I was watching a movie a couple of weeks back. It was cheesy but in it was one of the saddest lines I have ever heard. One character is aging and suffering from Alzheimer’s. Another character enters the room to discover this fellow is reliving a cherished moment from his early 20’s when he was dating his wife. The woman frantically tries to “bring him back” to reality.

In  moment of coherence the man says:

“You have made me an old man. Moments ago I was young.”

In his mind he lost 50 years in a matter of seconds.

I think the same thing can happen to us if we are not careful. Maybe the time won’t pass in seconds but it will seem that way. I would love to give you a big list of you-can-do-it style phrases to inspire you but platitudes will not prompt you.

Instead, I will encourage you not to resolve to do anything. Just make the plan and act on it.

How was your New Year? What do have coming up that is exciting? Give us the scoop…

6 thoughts on “Coming and Going: New Year

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  1. The New Year is fine. The last month of last year was getting old for me. I think the last two months of the year are always the hardest for so many reasons which probably would be considered distractions from what is really important. I think that God has been telling me to keep up the good work and make it better by seeking His joy in everything He has for me to do.

    BTW: Keep up the good work!


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