Beard of the Year

That’s right y’all. It’s time to crown the 2012 Beard of the Year, and I NEED your help.

If you remember, I was dubbed the inaugural Beard of the Month by The Bearded Idealist when it started way back in April. I accepted that honor with gusto and have felt the burden of being the self-proclaimed Mayor of Beardtown.

Since that time, Stephen has picked some fantastic beards to fill each month. However, now is the day of reckoning. He is using a fundraising platform to host the elections. Your hard-earned but extremely well-spent dollars donated to this cause will count as votes.

The cause, you ask?

Live58‘s project with the International Justice Mission to provide Critical Aftercare for the Victims of Sex Trafficking.

About the Project from their page:

This project provides for the first critical days after someone has been rescued from sex trafficking. This first week of care includes an initial needs assessment, medical assessment, counseling and other vital services for survivors of exploitation and abuse.

IJM aftercare staff and trusted local aftercare partners work to ensure that victims of oppression are equipped to rebuild their lives and respond to the complex emotional and physical needs that are often the result of abuse.

What an awesome project! Getting these young kids out of harm’s way and stabilizing them. Providing them with much-needed care and helping them find a way of life outside of oppression.

You vote by making donations in my name. You can vote for some of the other fur-faced fellows but that doesn’t help me garner a victory.

Listen, *whispers in your ear* I need this. It’s been a tough year. *puts on sad face to earn sympathy vote*

Thanks, Stephen, for having Beard of the Month. Thanks for taking something fun and ridiculous and using it change lives.

Now that you know, it’s time for action.

Go Vote!!

By the way, I receive no financial benefit from the donations made to this cause.

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