Change for Twenty

Two posts in one day, lunacy? Just in case the world does end Friday I didn’t want to screw up my post count per week.

Oh, and there is the little matter of my wedding anniversary.


Twenty years ago, on a day not at all like this one, in a totally different place from where I am now and about 300 degrees cooler I got married.

Twenty years.

Every day wasn’t a smooth one. Not even every month or year. However, I could not imagine living this life I have without the other one the makes Two that makes One.

Through all of the changes we have experienced in twenty years you are the constant. You make change okay, even fun.

I have truly found a good thing in finding my wife. I want to grow older with you.

I love you Christie.

Just for fun here we are on that momentous occasion. We are making our get away in this pic.

wedding blissThe Barba without the Barba, whoa. And, he seems to have trapped that beautiful young woman.

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