Back Pedaling

Last week we had to go to Asuncion. It was a two-fold trip. First, we were invited to a REAL Thanksgiving meal by some missionary friends at their office.

We had TURKEY y’all.

I mean a whole, golden-brown, juicy, glorious, baked bird. This is a tremendous commodity  in Paraguay. Turkeys are only in some grocery stores during the Christmas season. They are also very expensive. I mean armed-escort-to-your-car expensive. A small bird starts in $80+ range. That’s a lot of green for a gobbler. That may be why each frozen turkey has a GPS unit jammed into the cavity instead of the giblet pack. That being the case we don’t get to eat it. The meal was complimented by all of the usual side-dish suspects. Many of which were imported specifically for that meal. YAY!

Fill-in Family

We have been invited to a Thanksgiving meal every year in Paraguay. Most times we have enjoyed the company of other missionaries who are also far from home, family and Grandma’s chocolate fudge cake. Last year the Thanksgiving meal was poolside at a public pool. Those who cared to splashed and played while those who saw the cobbler come in stalked a good position. How odd to now associate this holiday with hot weather after a life of Thanksgiving in autumn.

What’s Up Doc?

The second reason for our trip was to have Christie’s hand checked. She has had the cast on for three weeks and the X-ray shows that her thumb is still located properly. Another three weeks and they’ll unmask that stink-fest (kidding, I’m kidding) to see if the ligament healed. The plus side to the cast is the numerous comments about how her hand looks like the Facebook “Like” sign.

Pimp Walk

With all the driving (nearly 1,000 km) my ankle was stiff and a little sore. I thought nothing of it when we got home. However, over the next two days it swelled and turned red and was generally in bad humor. It transformed my smooth glide to something more like The Walking Dead. I went to the hospital to give the it an attitude adjustment and the doctor gave me a time out. I seems I have some kind of bacterial infection in or near my ankle. Weird right?

My heart valve replacement complicates the treatment on one level and my allergy to penicillin on another. As the doctor handed Christie the prescription he said,

“This is not available here in Paraguay. you’ll have to cross over to Argentina to get it.”

Awesome. <————Sarcasm

So across the bridge we went to find that it was a holiday. Argentina was closed. Ok, they were open but most of their stores were closed. We found four pharmacies open, three didn’t have it, each one said this was hard to find. The last place had three days worth. Cha-ching…purchase.

The bottom line is WAAAAAAA. I know a little whiny. I have to keep this foot mega elevated so I’m sitting here now folded up like a dress shirt in a department store. The only thing missing is the cellophane wrap. Hopefully things will be back to normal next week.

Are you still thankful this week? Did you spend the night in a parking lot trying to beat the malicious grandmas to the good deals?

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