Folks With Sin: A Year Later

I decided to break out the archives today. It’s a special day. A year ago this week I posted the most popular piece of writing to appear on this blog. It is called Folks With Sin, Inspired by Green Eggs and Ham. I had no idea my need for creative release would be so well received.

Every day for the first nine months and every week since then it has had at least one view. I have always been a fan of Dr. Suess and the sing-song rhythm of his words. So one afternoon, while I was pondering Green Eggs and Ham, I started free-styling. The next thing I knew I had the first few stanzas.

I read it to my wife and she said,

“You have got to finish that, it’s awesome.”

She’s cool that way. Clearly, one on the reasons I married her was that she encourages me. I sat down and typed out what was in my head and the rest just fell out of my brain. Since Folks With Sin’s birthday is this week I wanted to celebrate it with a rerun.

Rather than repost it here I decided to link to it so you can read the conversation in the comments that go along with it. If you read it the first time it was posted thanks for being patient. If you haven’t read it I hope you enjoy it.

BTW, that is me doing the audio for that sound bite.

Folks With Sin, Inspired by Green Eggs and Ham

Do you like Dr. Suess? Do you like Folks With Sin, the blog or the actual people?

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